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On the ground or in the air, we can build it.

We can build it. That’s a phrase we like to use when we’re hoisting a custom timber frame in the sky but it’s also a mantra we live by, the way we look at things now, 30 years, three generations, and three businesses down the road in the heavy timber frame business. But, really, it’s the way we’ve always operated. Growing up, I watched my dad, Bob North, dream and do. There wasn’t much pondering in the in-between. If he had an idea, he was bound to pursue it. So when I met my husband, Ken, and my dad threw out the idea that we start a business of our own and Ken agreed without a second thought, I knew this was the start of something good. Atlantic Barn and Timber is our Southern commercial division of Timberworks Unlimited. While we’ve moved our original timber frame home construction and installation business, New England Timber Works, from Vermont to Wilmington, NC, and expanded into what you see today, we are still proud to call ourselves a family-owned and operated business that serves the world. Our crew designs, builds, and constructs projects here, there, and everywhere around the country and globe! While we specialize in both small unique glu laminate construction projects like wedding pergolas and large-scale structures like casinos, sports arenas, and resorts, we still use traditional techniques to hand-cut our timber frames. That’s what makes us unique. Like two trees in a forest, no job is the same. We treat every project like a work of art—each uniquely designed, delivered, and installed. Tell us what you have in mind. We can build it and we can’t wait.

-Sharon Vilcins


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